What we do


Trained as industrial designers we have a deep-rooted belief in rational function and sustainable aesthetics. Our methodical approach is focused on revealing the essence of each design challenge to allow us to create holistic and durable solutions. Fundamentally we look at design as an exercise in creating value. 


Different ambitions occupy different spaces, but for us designing a successful interior or exhibition is all about getting the fundamentals right. Lights, acoustics and accommodating for the people and objects inhabiting the space. Often on these projects we collaborate with architects from our network.

How we do it

The most important work we do is the continuous communication with our clients, whether developing a new product, mapping out a strategy or simply giving advice.


The aim is always to acquire a deep understanding of each project and each product. The identification of the exact needs and desires of all parties involved is key in order to define the essence of the project. In addition to this we also tries to lever our influence on clients to make decisions believed to be better for them, the product, the end user or the production process.

Idea Generation

For us communication is the most important tool in our studio and in our projects. Whether it is with producer, manufacturer, each other or anyone else with a relevant input, it provides inspiration and insight. Dialogues within us are, we would like to believe, of positive nature: nothing is labelled as wrong or right, in the end the goal is to always get closer to the essence. An inquisitive and open- minded process is of great value to us.


Visualising the ideas, by giving them a material form, is an important communicative tool. Visualisation will often involve hand- drawn and digital sketches, model- making and mock- ups as well as 3D visualisation and detailed technical plans.


The pre- production phase of the project calls for great attention to details. This implies the production of technical detailing, cost – and manufacturing analysis as well as packaging and life cycle analysis.

Delphine Rumo
StokkeAustad and Angel Valiente

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Current team


Former designers at StokkeAustad

  • Antoine Lecharny
  • Silje Nesdal
  • Delphine Rumo
  • Joanna Gallacinao
  • Sara S Gressberg
  • Lisa Tischer
  • Claire Tranier
  • Linn Tale Haugen
  • Thomas Bef Flyvering
  • Thea B Nilsen
  • Maria Tovslid


  • 2014 Award for Design Excellence
  • 2013 Best of the Best, Red Dot Award
  • 2012 Runner up, Torsten og Vanja Søderbergs pris
  • 2010 Designblok Editors Award
  • 2010 Wallpaper Design Award 2010
  • 2009 Designer of the year, Bo Bedre
  • 2008 Top 40 under 40, I.D. Magazine
  • 2007 Runner up, Best practice under 35, Norsk Form
  • 2005 Top ten Norwegian Designers, Design Interiør
  • 2005 EDIDA, Design Newcomer of the year from Norway
  • 2005 INDEX:2005 top nominated


  • Tupperware
  • Scandinavian Business Seating
  • Cisco
  • Menu
  • Elementa
  • Ruter
  • Casamania
  • Dagbladet
  • Gimle Parfymeri
  • Kebony
  • Innovation Norway
  • The Norwegian Design Council
  • Abu Dhabi Municipality
  • The Thief
  • Fluxloop
  • Nora of Norway
  • Made Design
  • Krehky


  • 2014 Wallpaper* Handmade, Milan and NYC
  • 2014 ICFF, New York City
  • 2013 Dwell on Design, Los Angeles
  • 2013 ICFF, New York City
  • 2013 Salone del Mobile, Milan
  • 2013 Triennale di Milano, Milan
  • 2013 Design galleriet, Stockholm
  • 2011 Corcoran Gallery, Washington DC
  • 2011 Je ne suis pas qul'un objet, Paris
  • 2010 Designtide, Tokyo
  • 2010 Designblok Prague
  • 2010 Norwegain prototypes, London
  • 2010 100% Norway, Stockholm
  • 2009 IFFT Tokyo
  • 2009 Norwegian Prototypes, London
  • 2009 100% Norway, London
  • 2008 Greenhouse, Stockholm
  • 2006 DesignTide, Tokyo
  • 2006 100% Norway, London
  • 2006 Salone Satelite, Milan
  • 2006 Ambiente, Frankfurt
  • 2005 Salone Satellite, Milan
  • 2005 Form 2005, Oslo
  • 2005 INDEX:2005, Copenhagen