​100% Norway

StokkeAustad won the pitch for designing the 100% Norway stand in London 2009. The challenge was to create a stand that was inherently Norwegian, environmentally sound, and striking while still enhancing the products on display. The exhibition was curated by Henrietta Thompson and Benedicte Sunde, with the aim of showcasing the width of Norwegian Design.

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It was important that the stand was reusable, easy to transport and mount, in addition to being Norwegian. We found inspiration in the traditional flakes used for drying fish, found all over the Northern Norwegian coast. The structure also provided a defined space while still being completely open for the flow of audience. This openness also enhanced the display of the products.

The structure itself was designed completely collapsible. When the stand is not in use it fits on two standard pallets for transportation and storage. We collaborated with Kebony who provided their environmentally friendly and hard-wearing material to be used. Building the stand in Kebony means that it can be left outside for 20 years without deteriorating.

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StokkeAustad aspiration is that after the stand has completed its life as an exhibition it will travel to the coast of Norway and be used for drying fish. The 100% Norway stand will also be displayed during the Stockholm Furniture Fair.

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StokkeAustad-100 norway large03
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Project details

  • Year: 2009

  • Exhibition: London 


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