​Flower vases

These flower vases are our exploration of how forms can work together and still function individually. The starting point was to create a pair of vases for different height flowers. Much of the explorations revolved around making the flowers fit together without being too obvious about it.

StokkeAustad-Coppervases square01
StokkeAustad-Coppervases large01

At the time we were fascinated by the material properties of copper, the depth of its surface and the way it reflects its surroundings.

The vases are currently residing at the VitraHaus, in Weil am Rehin.

StokkeAustad-Coppervases square02
StokkeAustad-Coppervases large02

Project details

  • Year: 2006

  • Producer: Prototype

  • Material: Cut and soldered copper

  • Photo credits: StokkeAustad


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