​O3 Cabinets

Elementa is a young new Norwegian producer of furniture for the workplace. We have long had a relationship with its creators, Euklides. We appreciate their rational human centred approach to furniture.

StokkeAustad-O3 square01
StokkeAustad-O3 large01

Although their portfolio is very flexible to answer to individual needs, it is also a highly rational and price sensitive. That means that when we were asked to design storage for them, there were already some strict parameters in place.

O3 is a sensible play with proportions and detailing. The side panels of the cabinets have a slight gap to the top plane, and the legs are pulled in, to give a clean light look.

StokkeAustad-O3 square02
StokkeAustad-O3 large02
StokkeAustad-O3 large03

Project details

  • Year: 2013

  • Producer: Elementa

  • Material: Laminate, ABS, lacquered steel


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